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  • John Presco
    Aug 23, 2003
      Poor Joseph, the greatest under-achiever, or failure, of all time.
      Can you see him at the family gathering of those who had genealogies
      that survived the captivity showing they are kin to the royal house
      of Judah.

      "And, what do you do for a living, Joseph?"

      Joseph Flavius tells of those who had Davidic blood being examined by
      Titus, their hands very soft because they did no work, he assigning
      them to hard labour.

      "And, what does your son do?"

      "I'm not sure. Some say he is the king of the Jews, and others, God.
      I can make one heck of a dove joint. Stop by the shop and I'll knock
      a chair together for ya."


      > georgeatnsn@y... writes:
      > > Hi,
      > > Doesn't it say that his father was a carpenter?
      > >
      > > George
      > It does, and the right-wing evangelists assume that since Joseph
      was, he had
      > to have taken his father's trade also, since he had nothing better
      to do up
      > until age 32.
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