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7954Re: Terrorism and the sad truth about 9.11

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Jul 3, 2003
      Hello pmcvflag

      On 03-Jul-03, you wrote:

      >> I consider myself Gnostic, and I am aware of the distinction
      >> between the "true God" who is more human than the one, which
      >> created the body and the psyche alone or with the help of the
      >> archons.
      > Hello again Martin. I thought I would point out that generally in
      > traditional "Gnosticism" it is exactly the opposite. Traditionally
      > the "True God" is completely inhuman, separate, infinite. Any god
      > with anthropomorphic (human) qualities is considered either
      > inferior, or downright false. Many times we have posted examples of
      > apophatic theology from Gnostic texts in here, so I wont bother
      > doing it again, but merely point out how works like the Tripartite
      > Tractate deny any human quality, or even definable quality, in the
      > "True God".
      > PMCV

      Absolutely correct. That needed to be stated. Just because negative
      human traits are ascribed to old Saklas doesn't mean positive ones
      can be attributed to the Unknown Father. His name says a lot about
      him, if you think about it.

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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