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7953the nature of the true god / man is a true alien in this world !

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  • martin12617
    Jul 3, 2003
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      Hi pcmvflag,

      the nature of the "true God" remains undiscoverable. At least most
      gnostic scriptures conclude this way, although many attributes are
      given to the Supreme Being. I liked your attributes. Not going into
      the detail, what I meant is that the true God is more human than the
      demiurge at least, who has not shown any [particular appreciation for
      humanity, starting with the "creation" to this very day, see
      Terrorist attacks 9.11.

      To the contrary, he crippled man from the very beginning. Thanks to
      Sophia, men was able to stand up, shake off the dirt, and walk
      straight. She helped humanity from many impediments. Orthodox say,
      God gave man a free will and dominion over all creatures, and wisdom.
      Therefore man builds freeways, does genetical research and
      experiments, builds aeroplanes. How, I argued with the orthodox, is
      then man destroying ultimately, what his God made in the first place?
      God created lakes, forests etc. not freeways, nor were aeroplanes in
      the hangars in the jungle with the pilot's manual. Sophia helps us
      out of our misery. We are crippled and limited, therefore we need the
      technology, which is a true sign of Gnosticism in our world.

      Pursuing this thought, I arrived at the final conclusion: Man hunts
      for aliens, but has not recognized that he is an alien himself in
      this world. Man's works reveal him/her to be out of this world. The
      demiurge created man from the mud, for his own purposes of
      [precreation to capture and imprison souls. Sophia brings man into
      competition with his own creator, the demiurge, and so the jealousy
      battle goes on again.

      It would be interesting for me to reflect now whom I met in my
      experience, when I was assured victory and rewarded, but I dont
      recall any particular images, nor radiant light. I hope it was not

      For the "true God" is the ground of (any) being for me, the radiant
      source of the emanation process, from which all originates and to
      which all returns, in this world seen and beyond. Martin
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