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7923Re: Is it a sin to have a nocturnal emission?--- a materialist spoke

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  • martin12617
    Jul 1 7:44 AM
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      To all authors who defend their denominations: You are of the evil,
      and have not yet been offered the gift of knowledge. This is all I
      can say. I would never argue about church principles and doctrines.
      Who are you? Are you an authority of the Catholic Church? There are
      psychological reasons for this behaviour, when people vehemently
      defend their positions, religious beliefs and ridicule, and offend
      others. To all such individuals can be said that they have not known
      yet a world beyond this. Because then there would be no need to
      discuss worldy matters and beliefs. They have not been through the
      sufficient amount of suffering and inner turmoil, which gives rise to
      a higher consciousness.
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