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7921reincarnation happened to me / Behind the curtain of the ego

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  • martin12617
    Jul 1, 2003
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      Hi Gerry,
      have you had ever a reincarnation experience?
      And what personal revelations have you received, if you want to

      I myself had a dream as a child, very early, and I have no
      explanation for it. I dreamt something, but from it I knew that this
      could not have been me dreaming, because I was so young. I concluded
      that this must have dreamt a male person about the age of 35.
      I was approx. 5years at that time. I don;t know much about
      reincarnation, but certainly I have not forgotten about this dream,
      because it was so extraordinary. Do you know what Gnosticism has to
      say on reincarnation? I want to break the circle. It's a sad state.
      Yesterday, I had a funny revelation: As I was pondering and reciting
      in my mind the most fundamental principles of gnosticism, two things
      happened. I understood that since the Ego is the psychological counter
      [part of the demiurge, it is blind and creating its own world, a
      world of mistakes, unreality...Any salvation when it is supposed to
      come won't reach us as long as we are in the Ego-state. It came to me
      as more of a "gnostic" experience I have to say, not exactly as an
      intellectual conclusion at all. But simultaneously, I adopted this
      understanding and asked where am I then. And the answer came you are
      not even here (where I was standing), you are there, someplace else.
      And I felt that only this part of me, never the Ego, could be
      reconciled with God. Then, I felt that I was already reconciled with
      God. And everything was perfect. Shortly after that while being in
      this state of understanding that a part of me unknown not the ego, I
      suppressed it, was already "accepted" by a higher being. I felt very
      happy. Then I was lifted up, mentally, and I was afraid, so the
      feeling left me. I walked home.
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