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7847Re: Venturing into gnosticism

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  • heywood38
    Jun 7, 2003
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      Hi Barbera!

      If you are interested in a very readable book on thie topic of the
      early Church and how the writings were affected etc. try
      reading 'The Jesus Mysteries' by Timothy Freke. this subject is
      dealt with from a gnostic perspective, in a very readable format and
      the book is widely available (Amazon.com etc).

      I am also a newish Gnostic from a Lutheran background (I was a Deaon
      of the Church) and struggled with there being 'something more' to my
      faith - and that is that that one also needs to 'experience
      Divinity' - that Faith alone is not enough for me anymore.

      Hope this book choice helps!

      Fiat Lux!

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