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7843Re: [Gnosticism2] Venturing into gnosticism

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  • walkinginclogs@aol.com
    Jun 5, 2003
      I'm the same way -- "Mr. Curious" Someone told me that the new "Pope in
      Waiting" made a comment that he though gnostism has a lot of truth in it. He also
      said that "There is a big difference between the historical Jesus and the
      biblical Jesus." Kind of makes you wonder if there is a revival of gnostism in
      the making.

      I have wondered the same thing as far as what was the real agenda on the part
      of those scholars who decided what books made it and which didn't. The more
      I think of it, the more it seems that they picked the ones that were the
      easiest to understand. They did a poor job in the new testiment I think. One book
      by Paul would be almost too much. One book on the birth of Jesus would have
      been adequate. The other two just plagerized Matthew's account anyway.
      Revelation almost didn't make it. It shouldn't have made it at all. It just
      confuses simple-minded TV evangelists. All it was anyway was an account of John's
      delarious halucinations.
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