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7839Square Root.

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  • Wayne
    Jun 5, 2003
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      The Square of One, the Whole of a Single Reality, Number, the square
      of a singularity, is 4 Sided.

      The Square root of, one, the Whole of a single Reality, a four sided
      Singularity, is 2 dimensional, is one sided, Flat, North-South, East-

      To define the Reality of a singularity if you are near sighted, short
      sighted, if there is no depth to your perception, to see the World as
      being Flat, Reality as being Two Dimensional, is Irrational.

      The Whole of a Single Reality has no angles, no sides, can not be
      limited to being 2 dimensional.

      Space-Time is Omni directional, is a continuum, is indivisible.

      An extension is Time is Relative to depth in Space.

      The Whole of a Single Reality is a perfect square
      that has no corners, the motion of which is uncertain,
      has no angular momentum, is without Sin, Sine.----->O.