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  • fred60471
    Apr 13, 2003
      Hey George,

      I would look for Pan in the Heh chaos gods, perhaps Seth, who
      also was connected to the Osiris myth. Egyptian emenationist dualism
      predates the Iranian.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "George" <historynow2002@y...>
      > Fred,
      > Both of your posts have been *very* helpful! I was actually
      > quite moved by the excerpt you quoted in your earlier post.
      > You write quite a bit about Pan:
      > "To say that the great god Pan died in the early years of Tiberius
      > is in a sense to say nothing at all, or a great deal too much. We
      > know what god was born on a solstice day in those years; we know
      > > after-history; we know in what sense Pan died at the approach of
      > that > new god."
      > But what is interesting is that I am currently exploring
      > the connection between "Pan" and the "horned god" Rashef
      > (gazelle horned), and perhaps the Hebrew version of
      > Rashef, "Yahu", the "goat-horned" god of the underworld.
      > It was only after the Zorastrianizing of the returning
      > Jews from Persia that we have the "good god" relocated to
      > the Heavens, and the god of the underworld becomes the
      > personification of evil in a "dualistic" system.
      > I will re-read your post a few more times to see if
      > there is anything else I can comment upon. Otherwise,
      > it was another great post!
      > George
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