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7495Re: Investigation: The Alpha and the Omege = (Adam and Eve)

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  • blackfire_al
    Apr 8, 2003
      > This also is reminiscent of the myth of Adam Kadmon in the
      > Lurianic Kabbalah. However, in the system of Isaac Luria, the
      > for the shattering of the primal unity was that the "vessel" could
      > not contain the Light that was poured into it by God. -Steve

      Okay, just some questions. Where did this "vessel" come from? Who
      created it? The same 'God' that over-filled it thereby breaking it?
      Doesn't this put some onus or culpability upon this self-same God as
      to what became a tragic accident? And isn't there this tendencey
      to "blame the victim"; God can't be wrong so it must be us, we are
      guilty, we are evil, we have original sin yadda yadda. Sorry, felt
      like playing devil's advocate. (watching nervously over-head for
      lightening bolts)

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