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7481Re: Nag Hammadi codexes

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Apr 6, 2003
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      Hello Gerry

      On 06-Apr-03, you wrote:

      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Mike Leavitt <ac998@l...> wrote:
      >> Just to clarify, I agree with your point about the role of faith in
      >> Gnosticism, Pistis is ahead of Sophia in the title after all. Also
      > I
      >> have enjoyed your posts, and learned from them. I guess I'm an old
      >> jaded gnostic, as nothing in this thread has upset me, only
      >> enlightened me as different points of view were put forth. It is,
      > of
      >> course, the best form to leave out personal references, but
      >> cultivating a thick skin helps as it will happen. :-)
      >> Regards
      >> --
      >> Mike Leavitt ac998@l...
      > Mike, I have one question for you as well (just to see if we've all
      > been on the same page all along). Since this relates to a matter of
      > a personal nature, you may choose to treat it as a rhetorical
      > question, but I'll ask nonetheless:
      > Realizing that you preside over a Gnostic church, I'm curious why
      > you made that choice, rather than . . . say . . . a Methodist
      > church?
      > I'm hoping you won't tell me something like, "It's a shorter
      > commute," although I wouldn't put it past you. LOL In spite of the
      > dangers of "assuming" anything, I'd wager that there was "something"
      > about the Gnostic viewpoint that resonated differently for you than
      > within the mainstream.
      > Again, this is the gist of the case I've tried to present here

      Well Bishop Stephan presides over the church, I'm just the senior
      priest by date of ordination (1975).

      Actually it is a longer commute. :-)

      Yes it was something different, in my case from the Rosicrucian
      (Heindel/Steiner not AMORC)/Manley Hall (still good)/New Age religious
      upbringing I had (actually it was not pushed on me, I took it up on
      my own). But I never had any Orthodox religious junk to deal with in
      my upbringing. I attended Episcopal services in Vietnam, but that
      was for the liturgy, because I was already hooked on that from
      Stephan's church, though I was more into Qabalah theologically than
      anything else at the time. It made a logical transition to Gnosis
      (especially Luria), and I never gave it up either. As you may have
      guessed, the liturgy drew me in, then came Gnosis.

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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