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7476Re: Investigation: The Alpha and the Omege = (Adam and Eve)

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  • lady_caritas
    Apr 6, 2003
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Terje Bergersen" <terje@b...>

      > I am in the process of finishing my reading of Yuri Stoganov "The
      > God" - which is a very thorough historical survey of religious
      > from late antiquity until the end of the Cathar movement.

      Terje, what an interesting exposé. Thank you.

      I have a friend who recommended this very book, _The Other God_. He
      said it was quite scholarly, detailed, and heavily annotated,
      charting the flow of religious dualism you mention.

      > Among both Manichaeans, Cathars and even some Gnostic groups - You
      > find _two origins_ teachings which are essentially dualist
      > in nature - among these are the discussion of the fallen angels and
      > offspring. Remember the Nephilim debates?
      > Anyways, a significant feature among the Languedocian Cathars is so-
      > _traducianism_ which is a counterweight to other Cathar groups
      > about Metempsychosis; traducianism essentially features the
      position of a
      > _substantial_ origin for mankind from one or two ancestors; the two
      > ancestors variant of this posits that the souls of mankind
      originate from
      > _one substance_ and _one subject_ or personality which got
      imprisoned in
      > the material body by the demiurge in order for his control over the
      > in question, and also for the "multiplication" of such glory the
      > believes to generate from such control, by the introduction of
      > reproduction ...


      > Traducianism posits that there
      > are no individual souls as such, each "individual" is nothing but an
      > unredeemed and exiled "particle" or "fragment" of the original
      Great soul
      > - and presents a doctrine of how the division came about, the
      evolution of
      > this division as well as predicting a reassembling, or
      reintegration of
      > the small parts into the Great Soul. This Great Soul is invariably
      > to as Adam Kadmon, Adam+Eve the Androgyne etc.

      Your discussion of traducianism reminds me of what a different take
      the Cathars would have had in the myth variation of a demiurgic
      element imprisoning an original soul substance, compared to
      traducianism (followed by Tertullian, Luther, and I believe the
      Eastern church), for example (as interpreted by Tertullian), where
      the soul as well as the body come directly from the human parents
      (soul substance transmitted through corporeal semen). In the latter
      case, even though "God" originally breathed the breath of life into
      Adam, the propagation of a "sinful" nature due to transmission of a
      nonmaterial nature (soul) by secondary means, material hosts (the
      parents and all their genes, etc.), would tend to support their view
      of man's basically tainted, depraved nature even better than
      creationism in which every soul is immediately created out of nothing
      by "God." Please correct me if my understanding is not accurate here.

      The Cathar reassembling of divided or exiled "particles" into an
      original "Great Soul" seems to resemble a bit more of a gnostic theme
      of reintegration into an original androgyny or unity.

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