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7470Re: Nag Hammadi codexes

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Apr 5, 2003
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      Hello incognito_lightbringer

      On 05-Apr-03, you wrote:

      > So my "intent" has been questioned, and suspicions of orthodox
      > influence, or rather "baggage", for "zealously defending faith". Now
      > it's what could possibly be my religious influence. (if you're
      > getting p'ed at this too bad, you're not half as mad as I was when I
      > read all this, and you have no idea how I've restrained myself).
      > Snide accusations of past posting history, while at the same time
      > contradictorily stating that bringing up past posts is a no no in
      > debate. Now you write "thread had already dragged on to inordinate
      > length, and probably shouldn't have needed clarification at a
      > Gnostic site in the first place". Thanks a lot, here I thought
      > critical analysis was the point. Except nothings clear as far as the
      > posts go, everyone's falling back is individual interpretation, and
      > what word are we substituting for faith. Oh by the way, I've seen
      > FAR longer threads on this board. This is the most depressing
      > disillusioning experience because it's exactly the kind of thing I
      > experienced in my "orthodox" influence. I know it when I see it.

      Just to clarify, I agree with your point about the role of faith in
      Gnosticism, Pistis is ahead of Sophia in the title after all. Also I
      have enjoyed your posts, and learned from them. I guess I'm an old
      jaded gnostic, as nothing in this thread has upset me, only
      enlightened me as different points of view were put forth. It is, of
      course, the best form to leave out personal references, but
      cultivating a thick skin helps as it will happen. :-)

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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