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7284Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Review of The Apocrypha by John A. De Vito - Great book, but not for everyon

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  • Janice Quinn
    Mar 17 3:53 PM

      <<ernststrohregenmantelrad <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote: could you elabrate...with the emphasis on on the term "gnostic" >>

      Love to!  This book proports an alternate telling of the more common biblical tales.  Fundamental to the entire work, is the notion that mankind as a race can only achive ascention through internal awareness.   That is, the individual soul must achive a certain spiritual level in order to become a sentient spiritual entity unpon release from the mortal cocoon.  These entities then seek like kind, and join to create a gestalt spiritual being. 

      They book is a collection of related tales, through which the nature and method of the devine beings is clarified.   Humanity is shown as being selectively evolved to create a flawed half-man, half-beast.  Our struggle is to move beyond this, despite the fact that we were created to make this difficult.  The argument is that man is not a reasoning animal, but an animal capable of reason.   This is a major distinction. 

      The book is worded in a biblical style that is captivating and, well, spooky.  This book reflects so much of my own thoughts that its just uncanny, as if it justifes what I've felt my whole life.  Hope that helps, its hard to explain.

      The science comes into play in a few areas - that God found earth with life upon it already, and 'manipulated the flesh of the beasts' - genetics? -  to alter them and create man.  Also, tacyon physics seems to explain the creation of the universe and the Cycle of Time, as the book puts it.  As starnge as it sounds, he pulls it off.

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