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  • lady_caritas
    Mar 14, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Will Brown" <wilbro99@y...>

      > >>Willy, I'm seeing you list different "selves" or at least
      > descriptions of "self" or aspects of "self." Defining "self" is a
      > philosophical exercise I don't care to get into. lol<<
      > I do think this defines our central difference better than I did;
      > shorter and to the point. I see the shift in terms of a change in
      > sense of self, and you see what I am doing as a philosophical
      > exercise. Place chuckle here! If we are speaking to the same
      > experiential process, our views of it are of such a different order
      > that we have been going in circles. Reminds me of a merry-go-round.
      > I'll get off here. Thanks, Alice, for the education on things
      > it's been the most! ----willy

      Will, if you're still reading, you should know that I certainly am
      aware that you are describing a shift in sense of self based on your
      life experience, and I do not see what you are doing as being just a
      philosophical exercise. You are making an incorrect assumption most
      likely based on my frustration that we cannot seem to come to agree
      on a common lingo. And because of that, I don't want to get into a
      trap of just general philosophical definition debates instead of
      agreeing on a common language for discussion.

      Since this is a Gnostic group, I have tried to use Gnostic terms, so
      when you read what I say and reinterpret it to your understanding and
      vocabulary, sometimes your interpretation of what I have said is
      either not understandable to me or it is possibly even skewed. For
      instance, when you say, "I think the first problem is that I find the
      spiritual self in that place and you find the temporal self in that
      place," I don't understand you. "Self in that place?" I could in
      return try to translate into Gnostic lingo what you say, but I feel
      that is not appropriate. I feel that is your job in order to
      eliminate misinterpretation that I might make as a mere translator of
      your experience. IOW, if you were indeed interested in whether your
      experience relates to classical Gnosticism (which is what our list is
      about), it would help to first understand terminology, etc.
      Continuing to speak in two different languages and you trying to
      guess what our differences or similarities are becomes certainly very
      much like a merry-go-round. It would help if *you* could see if your
      experience translates into Gnostic terms during discussions in our

      In any case, I do enjoy our conversations. Thank you for the
      exchange of ideas and experiences.

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