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  • lady_caritas
    Feb 1, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, klaus schilling <pessy@c...>
      > Tracey writes:
      > >
      > > NEWS FLASH- The shuttle is breaking apart coming back!!!!
      > All the spacerace hype has nothing to do with Gnosticism.

      So what, Klaus? Tracey's message was not about "spacerace hype." It
      was showing human concern for a space disaster, which has apparently
      killed all seven astronauts.

      > It's necessary to escape from this hyletic plane of existence,
      > not from the planet earth which is just one particular
      > objectivation of the concept 'planet'.

      You may find it necessary to escape, Klaus, but as long as we are in
      human form, we operate within this world, illusion or not. And for
      those who prefer to rise above, yet function in a practical sense on
      this "plane," I would hope that compassion would be an integral part
      of a pneumatic view regardless of anyone's philosophical or lifestyle

      "Faith receives, love gives. [No one can receive] without faith, no
      one can give without love. Thus in order to receive we believe, and
      in order to love we give. For if one gives without love, one has no
      profit from what one has given." (Gospel of Philip)

      Klaus, your "gift" of words will likely not see a reply. For
      whatever reasons, Tracey has unsubscribed.

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