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  • Gerry
    Jan 11, 2003

      Reply to George’s message #6994:  

      > The fellow named "Samael" I know virtually nothing about, but his

      name alone is quite a turnoff lol. [PMCV]

      Me either. All the stuff I have seen about him is in Spanish and I
      don't read Spanish. I have never met any of his followers.



      Well, before we go stuffing this topic completely back into the box, I’d be happy to offer my completely subjective take on Weor. 

      We actually had one of his devotees at this group a couple years ago, and I’ve recently been witnessing the verbal exchanges between one and members of another Gnostic group.  In both cases, the hypocrisy is overwhelming.   

      Before I ever came to learn of classical Gnosticism, I had encountered a great deal of information on the Net from Samael Aun Weor and myriad subsequent splinter groups.  As one who does read Spanish and Portuguese, I was appalled at what I found, and even more disturbed by what I saw as the stranglehold this guy had on this hemisphere with regards to things esoteric.  What was interesting was that there was indeed some wisdom embedded in all those sites.  The thing is, though, that it was all passed off as if this guy was the first to discover any of it.  Even without a proper understanding at that time of Gnostic thought, per se, I realized that he had purloined Wisdom, and bastardized it, to amass a cult following.  When you present the needy with such food as their spirits hunger for, they recognize the grains of truth——and eat it up——unaware of the poison they’ve also consumed. 

      Frankly, I have similar reservations about another modern guru——Neale Donald Walsch.  To be quite blunt, I see one as a master manipulator merely concerned with the marketing of his money-making scheme, and the other as being more motivated by inherent evil.  They both have their books to sell (as do others), and the followers are led to believe that only through pursuing studies of their works will they find salvation.  IOW, gnosis is available to all people——as long as they bow down and worship the ground these “teachers” walk(ed) on, or at the very least . . . buy all their books. 

      If that’s the path such people have chosen to follow, I’m happy for ’em, but pleeeeease don’t proselytize!  I have no use for a cult leader, especially one who chooses to be reborn as SamaĆ«l.  In my opinion, Saklas would have been a more suitable name!




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