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6969Re: Answer to Plotinus?

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  • pmcvflag
    Jan 9, 2003
      > I strongly agree! I think this is a misreading that has been
      > perpetuated within the scholarly ranks caused by taking the
      > heresiologists at their word. There is little evidence that I have
      > found that the Gnostics considered the world "evil" in an imperical
      > sense -- only insofar as it perpetuated ignorance.
      > Tony Roberti

      Yes, without a doubt. I do however feel that historians on the
      subject have generally moved away from this more recently. THe
      problem is though that many of the recantations of this position have
      only been seen in less poppular works (scholastic journals, etc) so
      that books written for popular consumption by non-academicians tend
      to STILL repete the same old points that just don't seem to hold up
      anymore. This is not the fault of the scholors, it is just a downside
      of the lack of more recent publications with critical perspective.

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