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6959Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Answer to Plotinus?

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  • Unknown
    Jan 8, 2003

      Hi Klaus,

      <<Of course the material world is evil in the extreme
      and needs to be denounced. There's no doubt about it.>>

      I respectfully disagree. How we think, live and function in this material world (which is neither inherently evil nor good) determines whether it is viewed as "evil" or "good" by ourselves. Good & evil are our interpretations of the world, especially when we do not undertstand it. If it appears to be beneficial for us something becomes perceived as "good" and when detrimental it is perceived as "bad". Is rain bad? It gives life to our crops and our land, yet rain that damages our property suddenly becomes bad. Is the rain really any different, and more "good" or any more "evil"? No, but our perceptions of their results are.

      So in my opinion the world is as we see it. If we choose to see it as evil or bad then that is what it becomes to us. If we choose to see it as good or beneficial, then that is what it becomes to us. Indulging in the dualities of the world being either good or bad in my opinion causes many of our problems.

      The only benefit of a negative world view is that it allows us to stay forcused on that not of this world and prevents us from being obsessed with the pleasures of this world. Of course teh trade off is that one will never be able to reconcile the two into one and thus achieve the true goal of all gnosis. Just my opinion.



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