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6870Re: update from Magus Lazarus

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  • pmcvflag
    Nov 15 12:14 AM
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      Corax is right Magus... these things have no place here. Whatever you
      did or did not do is a drama for a those Satanists or Thelemites or
      whatever you are involved with. They love that sort of thing... we
      don't. Don't drag it over into this club.


      --- In gnosticism2@y..., Darvish Yahya Ali al Ghorab al Minchar
      <coraxo@e...> wrote:
      > Well it would seem that you have joined the ranks of numerous other
      > "magickal" leaders or wannabe occult leaders. That is the risk you
      take in
      > espousing such ideologies, it comes with the territory, perhaps you
      need to
      > rethink your own plan, objectives and focus - one of the downfalls
      > thelemic- satanist-setian affiliation; you get what you ask for.
      > Corax
      > From: "Magus Lazarus" <Magus_lazarus@h...>
      > Reply-To: gnosticism2@y...
      > Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 15:37:18 -0700
      > Subject: [Gnosticism2] update from Magus Lazarus
      > some of you may have heard rumor of recent events in my personal
      life. all
      > i'm at liberty to say at the moment however is that i have been
      accused of
      > violent crimes. the very fact that the police have not arrested me
      for any
      > of these crimes however should say something in and of itself. the
      > will come out sooner or later and frankly i will have my day in
      > until then, either believe me or dont. those who know me will no
      > already know that these accusations are bullshit.
      > Magus Lazarus
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