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6819The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish

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  • Magus Lazarus
    Nov 2, 2002
      The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish is a truly amazing work which i cant say
      enough good things about (hence the reason i added a reference to the book
      in my signature). it is a true inspiration to those of us who follow a path
      which combines Gnosism and Satanism and captures the Universal Paradigm of
      the Black Magician better than any single writer i've ever had the pleasure
      of reading. I have even joking refered to it as the Gnostic Luciferian's

      in short, if you havn't read Cavendish, and your wondering why magic and
      satanism aren't making sence to you, pick up the book and find out. it
      really is THAT good and has actually hit the required reading list for my
      personal students. frankly i have gotten far more outta Cavendish than i
      ever did from Crowley, but that has merely been my personal experience and i
      don't expect that feeling will be universal.

      Magus Lazarus
      Gnostic Luciferian
      Satanic Empire Council Member

      The Satanic Empire:

      Suggested reading: The Black Arts - Richard Cavendish

      >moreover, if anyone's interested, maybe i'll start posting some stuff from
      >the Black Arts by Richard Cavendish when i find some time.
      >: )

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