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  • gwh0002
    Sep 22 3:05 PM
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      Hello All,

      I am a new member to this group and would like to introduce myself.
      My name is Gary Hudson, I am fifty–years old, married for thirty-one
      years with three children and one grandchild. I am about to publish
      (Jan 2003) a book entitled "Revelation: The Initiation into the
      Mystery of Christ" and will also be conducting a seminar under the
      same title.

      My interpretation of the Book of Revelation reveals the work to be
      the hidden (Gnostic) instruction for awakening to God through the
      anointing of the divine essence, ousia christos (Jesus Christ). I
      came to this interpretation through direct insight, with help from,
      Tibetan Buddhism, the Kalachakra Tantra, Pistis Sophia, James Morgan
      Pryse and others. The book is not an academic treatment of archaic
      knowledge but a sharing of the living process by someone who has
      spent the last thirty years engaged in that process. A process that
      begins with a simple truth "Be still and you will know God".

      A group (Revelation-Initiation)for the discussion of the book and
      practices will open soon, please consider joining. I am sure that you
      will find it interesting.

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