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  • beautiful2afault
    Sep 12, 2002
      about that two sides of a coin anology.
      i think the band between the two sides is understanding.
      this anology also applies to the pain posts.

      if pain is the coin.
      it , the pain is either internal or external of orgin. one side of
      the coin or the other.
      the band is understanding the source of that pain and is then the
      element needed, understanding to acknowledging the pain, the source
      and then the process of healing can begin.


      --- In gnosticism2@y..., lady_caritas <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > --- In gnosticism2@y..., "Will Brown" <wilbro99@y...> wrote:
      > > I have two answers.
      > Will, thanks for the references, but you should know me better than
      > that by now. :-) You are rehashing old territory here. God
      > Oh, please. Let's not use the word "God" then. Personal gods,
      > deities, etc. I view as projected mental constructs that remain in
      > the demiurgic psychic nature. This is NOT what I mean by Bythos or
      > Ineffable Infinite. When I asked you about pneuma in relation to
      > Objective Infinite, that was meant to stir you to a *beyond* that
      > also part of you.
      > Consider something for a moment. We live in a temporal world and
      > think in temporal ways. But gnosis is not about mental
      > Therein lies the paradox when trying to mentally construe your
      > experience. We can be aware of the infinite, but as Gerry says,
      > if "there might be a union of sorts with the Fullness,[…] such a
      > union can only be `temporary' as long as we exist within the
      > world."
      > Willy, do you remember our past discussion about a paradox box, …
      > about two sides of a coin?
      > Perhaps it would be refreshing (and hopefully, not also too
      > confusing) for you to review Posts #5770, 5771, 5774 to get other
      > members' perspectives.
      > Cari
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