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6553Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: picture it

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  • pessy@chez.com
    Sep 7, 2002
      Coraxo writes:
      > Gender equality is irrelevant in classical Gnosticism because there is no
      > gender in the Kingdom of Heaven;


      > things do not translate well into English,
      > a language more suited to materiality than
      > Spirituality.
      that's why I can't talk English or German without employing an insane amount
      of latinism and grecism. And even those are not perfect.

      > Is this a current age of the Spirit?

      In this world, there'll never be an age of the spirit.
      The Aeons are metaphysical ages, as only the worldly aeon is subject to
      time, space, and causality.
      > The classical Gnostic approach is based upon the knowledge of the flawed
      > design of the Universe,


      Klaus Schilling
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