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  • Coraxo
    Sep 6, 2002
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      Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: picture it

      > From: "beautiful2afault" <beautiful2afault@...>
      > if this spiritual design, this great mind has been moving through the
      > ages within humanity to reveal its creation, its practical
      > applications and possible direction, i believe in this current age of
      > spirit. it is to bring about equality to both genders and the freedom
      > to be spiritual and physical with the gifts which are endowed to both.
      > yep,  equality is the issue of the current spiritual age.  freedom
      > and equality.  love of course is the highest aim.  but even that,
      > love must come in as an evolutionary process
      > beautiful2afault   

      Hi B2aF;

      These are nice sentiments but are not consistent with what is depicted in classical gnosticism.

      First the concept of equality, or egalitarianism of the Spirit is not shared by the Classical gnostics. the human condition was divided into a tripartite view of Hylic, psychic and Pneumatic.

      An evolutionary process was similarly not recognozed; in classical systems humans are the product of a flawed Creator and the substrate of the Cosmos is and will remain corrupt; the gnostics quest is liberation from materiality, not evolution within it.

      The current age is not necessarily one of Freedom, in fact the trends that we see are trends towards totalitarianism of a different sort from the totalitarianism of the past, yet it is totalitarianism all the same based on the principle of Rulership; that is to say, Archontics.

      Gender equality is irrelevant in classical Gnosticism because there is no gender in the Kingdom of Heaven; what are considered male and female are the paired szyzygies - which bear no correspondence towards genes or genetalis. In fact in Valentinism the Pneumatic Church is given as Brides to the Angels of Christ; that is male and female Pneumatics are the Brides of the Angels of Christ.

      Love is of course not the highest aim; The Gnosis is. The Agape referred to by Paul is most likely an initiatory event, and not transcendent love as is surmised by modern theologians; so one may have Gnosis but without initiation is not restored to the Pleroma - Agape most likely being the Bridal Chamber Mystery.

      Love is not a process or evolutionary; it is Love - yet what is Love? In the Troubador traditions there are Storge, Ludos, Cherritas, etc., all roughly translated as "Love", yet as we are coming to understand, things do not translate well into English, a language more suited to materiality than Spirituality.

      Is this a current age of the Spirit? Doubtful, in fact it seems that the hylic grip is even tighter than before, so I must politely disagree with the expressions that you have put forth in your recent missives.

      The classical Gnostic approach is based upon the knowledge of the flawed design of the Universe, the knowledge that suffering and death constitute the outcomes of Birth, and that the human Spirit is alien to the world of matter and the world of human social construction. Only through a genuine Gnosis of the Spirit, one which is not the product of works or effort, but of Grace and Metanoia is it possible to overcome the failure of the evolutionary project.

      In this manner Gnosticism diverges from the spiritualities of the Orient and New Age because it is in essence one which does not see a salvific effect in personal effort alone; the healing must take place from the Soteriologic principle which lies outside the world in which the person is trapped.


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