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  • beautiful2afault
    Sep 6, 2002
      all i know
      is that the model for humanity was first drawn up within the spirit.
      from that process where by a being to decend upon the earth was
      conceptualized. then the process began...the evolution in spirit to
      the eventual evolution upon the earth.

      there are phases and no i don't know the vehicle of spark in either
      the spirit or the physical.

      so the mystery remains.
      whom/what is the great mind behind the spirit, behind the spark in

      warmth and moisture you say? upon a third component. sure.
      in the physical realm
      what of the spiritual realm

      warmth and moisture, upon structure. if thought can be such.

      structured thought upon void and space.

      others surely have seen this.
      the thought
      the structure
      the evolution

      this which depicts the creation of humanity of woman and man, our
      status in the universe our divine origins, our divine place.

      if not in this recient time line of humanity then possible in other
      ages past.

      see the mandella of the chinees. they try to depict a somewhat
      structure of divine

      the caste system of india, a functional structure of the divine
      progress, even if the system is primative, the concept formulative
      toward an evolution process

      other religions talk of a process a divine thing...the quabella or
      some such spelling. both jew and muslem

      some others have seen
      i do belive mostly others have heard
      elaborated and tried to fathom the meaning of its presence in the
      spiritual to the point of making that practical. as with the caste
      system as with the chinees mandella and today i think with the
      seeking of the equality of woman in a world wide fashion from
      politics, to religion, and personal attitude.

      if this spiritual design, this great mind has been moving through the
      ages within humanity to reveal its creation, its practical
      applications and possible direction, i believe in this current age of
      spirit. it is to bring about equality to both genders and the freedom
      to be spiritual and physical with the gifts which are endowed to both.

      yep, equality is the issue of the current spiritual age. freedom
      and equality. love of course is the highest aim. but even that,
      love must come in as an evolutionary process


      it cause it's hard! Pass it on.
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