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6543[Gnosticism2] Re: [Gnosticism] ISLAM AND THE AsIM OF LIFE

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  • pessy@chez.com
    Sep 5, 2002
      incognito_lightbringer writes:

      > Klaus, are you a Mormon?

      No way.
      Morons violate celibacy and veganism
      without even a glimpse of malconscience.
      They even justify marriage and procreation. *vomit*
      They also deny palingenetic reincarnation.
      In addition, they are against docetism.
      On top of all, they are personalistic theists.
      They also deny the inherent evilness of creation.
      So I'm nowhere near the Morons,
      even scored 0% in the belief-o-matic test.

      Klaus Schilling
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