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  • alexis johnson
    Sep 4, 2002
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      An interesting read. Cari, although as for the "Diabola est Deus Inversus", I've recently come to the conclusion that God and the Devil are a vaudeville act (as she peers fearfully up at the sky waiting for the lightning bolt to strike).


      Is the Demiurge 'God' or the 'Devil' or both?  I once wrote a poem about "God and the Devil dancing around me trading off masks" so I was never sure who was who or what was what.


       lady_caritas wrote:

      --- In gnosticism2@y..., alexis johnson <blackfire_al@y...> wrote:
      >  pessy@c... wrote:
      > domiati writes:
      > >
      > > What is the purpose of my life?
      > Self-mortification
      > > What is the purpose of your life?
      > ditto
      > > What is the purpose of our lives?
      > ditto
      > Klaus Schilling

      > SELF-MORTIFICATION !!??!**&$$#^&@#!!?!

      > Come on, Klaus, it can't be as bad as all that.

      > There must be a reason for this...I mean there has to be...I mean
      isn't there?...something?...anything...Hey, anybody...give me some
      help here...

      Blackfire ~ Of course, only Klaus can explain further what he means
      in his post by "self-mortification."

      In the meantime, the following homily by Rev. Steven Marshall offers
      one perspective on "Self-Examination."


      Whether or not one agrees with Steven Marshall's point of view (with
      Jungian overtones), his words are pause for consideration.

      "So, why do we not suggest that we all leave this vale of woe in some
      mass suicide? Because there is something yet very precious about
      human consciousness´┐Żthere is an insight, a resurrection, a Gnosis
      that can only be achieved in this embodied consciousness. This Gnosis
      not only liberates one from the attachments and snares of the world
      but also awakens a compassion for all sentient beings and a desire to
      remain and help others with the task of Self-knowledge. Liberation
      from the chains of attainment frees us from bondage to our demiurgic


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