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  • beautiful2afault
    Sep 4 7:39 AM
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      the last two postings of mine are evolution in human thought.
      seems its the last place we really can advance for the moment on down
      into the social structure of world processes including science.

      the creation of humanity from the biological level has a process
      still in vague ideology and agreement. the spiritual origins also
      vague and less known or available to knowledge execpt through the
      queballa or however that spelling goes.

      the blue dude in one writing is krisna, with the seperation of
      society and development of class systems. the social hiarchy has
      begun. the attainment of enlightment the outcome.

      the queballa itself an explaination of male, woman creation. the
      social system just embellishment upon the same.

      in the mean time it is for the minds of humanity to come to
      understanding that more than physical mental and spiritual entertwine
      to make the world a fit place to reside.

      living in the world, residing from the soul, thinking with our mind
      and learning all three modes.

      as for the chemical anology of human formation from the evolutionary
      position in biology. the G spot. oh yes, the G spot from god to sex
      and all that allure of spontanity including the quaballe.

      the chemical hiarchy of building atoms is not unlike the hiarchy of
      the levels of the mind. some say seven, some say five, i say levels
      are like the levels in chemical atomic structure. many attributes on
      differing levels.

      or as with the first level in chemical structure. one attribute, one
      level as to ground level here on earth.

      i do think anologies and structure can be formulated as to some
      physical structure on going here on earth as to the metaphysical
      structuring in the spiritual.

      both elements work together through the minds of men and women to
      bring about better for all realms of existence.

      just my two cents
      in attempting to
      build a better world

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