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6522PBS documentary, check it out

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  • incognito_lightbringer
    Sep 3, 2002
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      WNET Sep 11 08:00pm
      Series/News, 120 Mins.
      "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero", Episode #2101.
      An exploration of spiritual questions emerges from the events of
      Sept. 11.
      Original Airdate: September 3, 2002.

      They aired this today in the NYC and are repeating it on 9/11.
      Run a Yahoo TV search, or go to www.pbs.org, to see when it airs in
      your local area.
      It's worth checking out. They interviewed families of victims as well
      as various clergy of different religions. Much of it was people
      questioning why God lets evil happen. The same questions people have
      been asking for thousands of years. I was surprised by the gnostic
      overtones from those I'm not sure have even heard of the concept.