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  • pmcvflag
    Aug 14, 2002
      Ok, I'm here.... trying to catch up.

      >What I was up to, even though I come in peace, was a bit of Flying
      the Flag, seeing as how that even if one looks only at the historical
      there is much argument as to what defines [G]nosticism, as you noted
      in #6465. In that light, I was musing on how the Flag would enforce
      his edict.<

      Hoeller's points don't really count as a debate in this instance.
      While that page is good for it's resources, his personal views
      include many things that we can readly regect.... for instance the
      belief that Jaque de Molay is a "Gnostic Saint". I should also add
      that any "edicts" that I post concerning the focus of this club are
      actually founder concensus.... not just my own arbitrary choices.

      There is scholastic disagreement on just who is Gnostic and who isn't
      (which BTW makes that list of Gnostic groups and thier supposed
      beliefs, can't remember who posted it, very questionable. Some of the
      groups listed are not generally considered "Gnostic", some of them
      are groups that we simply don't know enough about to say if they
      believed that or not. And, in some cases this list can make it's
      point based on a technicality, but if understood as a general denial
      of the whole statement then is creating a false impression. For
      instance #9 on the list and the Na'asenes. We could speculate on
      whether or not they would have believed that whole statement, but as
      Terje points out already, they definately had a notion
      of "Sophia")... there are also areas of general agreement on the
      soteriological and basic cosmogenic structure of Gnosticism, not to
      mention it's basic historical venue. So, if by "edict" you mean the
      focus of the club, that is easy. By "Gnosticism", in this club it is
      meant; the groups in the late antiquities that placed thier
      soteriological emphasis on "Gnosis", and conformed to the basic
      cosmoconception obtained via Platonic syncratism. This can be boiled
      down to simply say that the historical groups given the widest
      scholastic consensus within the category, as well as the most
      commonly debated ones, are a valid points of conversation.

      >I guess my question is this (for any and all who would care to
      answer): How do I upgrade my small g to a Big G?<

      Why would you want to?

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