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  • wilbro99
    Aug 10, 2002
      Hi Flag, I come in peace, as usual. I am still crawling through the
      web in search of a picture of what Gnosticism is. As is my wont, I
      always decide that the picture I cobble together is only that, a
      picture, then take it apart and start over. There is always that
      little glow that comes with a completed picture before the realization
      sets in, so I go for the glow.

      Perhaps what intrigues me about the Gnostic notion is that it
      parallels the ploy I came up with to confound the Christian notion
      that the Bible meant what it said, being the word of God. This was way
      before I ever heard of Gnosticism. Generally, I would tell them that
      the Bible was written by the Devil as a way to relieve his boredom. It
      was all a scam. The God in the book was to hold the truth and the
      Devil was to try to take that truth away. He created people so that he
      could play the game. My question to any and all objections given was,
      "That's exactly what the Devil wants you to believe." Great fun,
      especially with the door to door God sellers.

      Anyway, I ran across the following site that gave me what I thought
      was the best picture of Gnosticism so far. How does it fit, or not
      fit, with your Big G picture?

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