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6264Re: Gnostic Gospels Chapter 1

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  • ernststrohregenmantelrad
    Jul 12, 2002
      Dear Morphodyte. I really commend you on your knowledge on the
      subject. I really apreciate your input.

      a few comments on your post and perhaps you or others could comment
      back on mine.

      > If we look at the papacy and epicopate of the Church hierarchy
      > we see that they were organized as a part of the Imperial
      > bureaucracy, just as was the military and the Imperium. In fact
      > the bureaucratic divide of Rome into East and West suggests a
      > decentralization of power in late antiquity to make the vast
      > Empire more manageable.

      On the side note to this the line that separates the East and West
      Empire is STILL there. If you notice the western side is Roman
      Catholism and the the eastern side is Orthodox. This in turn affected
      the form of writing as well as the West uses the Latin alpahbet and
      the East (with the exception of Rumania and Albenia) uses Cyrillic
      alphabet. One clear example of this is seen in the fomar Yugoslavia
      where the line between the west and the east cuts right through the
      middle. Serbs and Croats are basically same language meaning they are
      basically same people. In fact the language is termed Serbo-Croatian.
      What is the difference is that Serbs are Orthodox and uses Cyrillic
      alphabet whereas Croats are Roman Catholic and uses Latin alphabet.
      and now they hate each other. But that is well known. but there is
      more on this line that divids the East and the West. As you know the
      Roman Empire included Africa and that line is also visible. However,
      it is not clearly distingishable unless you know something about
      Arabic dialects. Arabic dialects could be divided into East and West
      too and percise there that line falls in somewhere west of Eygypt. For
      the dialects of Maghreb and that of Egypt and vastly different. Ok I
      guess I ventured into off topic here.

      > These aspects of the Empire functioned so well that when the
      > Vandals sacked Rome, the religious arm of the Imperial
      > government was able to survive and establish itself by the time
      > of Charlemagne as a power functioning independently of the
      > Constantinople government and its diaconate.
      > This Roman Church, functioning as the last vestige of Roman
      > imperial rule sought to establish new Roman authorities through
      > Charlemagne and the Germanic kings of Vienna - with some
      > limited success, but the Imperial function was never able to
      > emerge from the feudal syatem imposed by the Goths and
      > franks.

      Funny, you brought in goths and vandals. aren't they adhered to
      Arianism form of Christianity at first? Can we make some connection here?

      > Nevertheless, Rome really never did die, and was in fact still
      > powerful as a religious government until the time of the
      > Reformation when it lost control of most of Germany as well as
      > England. the next blow was the French Revolution and the loss
      > of political power in France.

      Those god damned revolutionaries!But in case of Germany I think thing
      went peachy after the Bismarck's Kulturekampf. I think they made the
      deal. As for England all is lost after the Jocabite Rebellion and they
      still hate Cromwell. But then England is not a major power anymore so
      who care's now?

      > You did mention Opus Dei and it is a well known secret that
      > Cardinal Walensa was placed in the Papcy through the efforts
      > and support of Opus Dei, and it is this Pope who was the moral
      > force through the Solidarity movement which brough down Soviet
      > Union.

      Ooooh now you are getting into to the meat of it. I would like to
      mention them in relation to the Vatican bank scandal (money laudrying
      with Italian and american mafias) and a bogus masonic lodge P-2 which
      have great deal to do with the death of JP I (which became a sub-plot
      for the movie "Godfather III") and shooting of the current Pope.

      > The Church continues to expand its base in Latin America, the
      > Phillipines and in Africa - Opus Dei waiting in the wings.

      Yes, indeed but too but mother Theresa, the propagandaist for them
      died. Who would they turn to now?

      > But Church aside - the United States is a reformulation of the
      > Republican ideals of Rome; the legal and military systems are
      > based on Roman models - the legislature owes much of its
      > origins to Roman predecessors.
      And one more thing is the use of monetary system which is quiet liken
      to that of Rome.

      > Right now American republicanism (the USA is not a true
      > democracy, contrary to popular belief) is threatened by the
      > increasing powers of the Executive and its support from
      > Christian extremists - much the same as in late antiquity.
      It is disturbing that these people coupled with extreme zionists and
      Islamists (Wahabism-Islamo-fascists) are getting control.

      > However, the system does have protections built in having
      > installed a judiciary which acts independently - to a degree - of
      > the Executive,
      >to wit we have had some rather conroversial
      > rulings like the recent one on the Plejaliejuntz.
      but thanks to the 9-11 Reichtag incidents the rights are slowly
      striping away for the reason of National Security. So we must get
      these terrorists, right? Like in rome we must protect from German
      barbarians. but you know I think these barberians and roman officials
      knew each other. hhhmmm I wonder bin Ladin and Bush .....

      > States also still exert some degree of autonomy, albeit much of
      > that was dismantled by the despot Abraham Lincoln - yes I know
      > he is a favorite for abolishing slavery, but his war against the
      > South was disatrous and dismantled the federal rights of States.
      > I suppose he was a Julius Caesar, we are simply awaiting our
      > Constantine - perhaps he is already here.

      Hey, Lincoln didn't care for black slaves. His plan was to send them
      all back to Africa. (Like Liberia which is what that nation was
      created) And right it was the state rights that was lost in the
      American Civil War. Too bad the issue that used in the state rights
      was slavery which had moral consequeces. I think we could again insert
      the state's rights this time by bringing up the medical marijana.

      But the next Constantine well.... After Nero that is Shrub, I think it
      could Hirary Rodem Clinton. So it could be she.
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