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6101[Gnosticism] Re: (im-)Perfection

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  • pmcvflag
    Jun 13 3:25 PM
      Why sure Ms Annalee, let me post it here for the club so that anyone
      who wishes can join.

      This club is specifically about the love forms in 11th - 13th century
      esoteric practice connected to the courts of love. In other words,
      the scope is very specific in some ways. However, we do talk about
      Gnosticism (we draw the connection due to the Platonist origin of
      both, and it seems valid to gain insight as to how such movements
      come about by examining Gnosticism and the surprizing correlations
      that can be seen in some of the more experientialist versions we
      see... such as Monoimos, Carpocrates, etc.)

      Anyways, The club is meant primarily to deal with romantic (erotic)
      tones in the fin amore via the scala amoris of certain troubadours.

      Here is the url http://groups.yahoo.com/group/philosophia2/


      --- In gnosticism2@y..., arose607@a... wrote:
      > > No, you misunderstand. In fact, I run a club solely on the
      subject of
      > > love and compassion in esoteric practice
      > Oh, could I have an invite?
      > Annalee :0)
      > arose607@a...
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