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    Jun 7, 2002
      OK. The difference between gnosticism and esotericism exist, only
      when we look from the point of view of history of culture. When we
      look from the point of view of interest to what is Real World, i.e.
      of onthology, there is no any difference, becouse all esoteric
      teaching, including Gnosticism are about the same understanding of
      World. To understand World it is necessary to understand God (at
      least in extent human being able to do this). Thus, the problem "How
      to trust in God" cannot be irrelevant to any discussion about
      Gnosticism. I do not understand the last request. If you ask
      about "ideals", then I do not know some special "gnostic ideals". If
      you meant "ideas", then I do share these ideas completely. But to
      share them, first of all it is necessary to understand them. This is
      the task, I spoke in my first mes and my book about.


      --- In gnosticism2@y..., pmcvflag <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Alexander, and welcome.
      > It is true that the question delt with in this club are really far
      > complex to deal with in these short posts. And, as far as "trusting
      > God", well, Gnostics tend to not trust "God" anyways so I think
      > the topic would be mute here. It should be interesting to have
      > another mathmatician in here (you are the third or fourth),
      > this is not a club about "esotericism" in general, it is
      > about Gnosticism (in the traditional meaning of the word). Perhaps
      > your research for the book also brought up the subject of
      > For the sake of staying on track, perhaps you can give us your
      > opinion on Gnostic ideals in specific.
      > PMCV
      > --- In gnosticism2@y..., "ZELITCHENK" <zelitchenk@y...> wrote:
      > > From: "Alexander" <zeli@s...>
      > > Subject: This may be interesting for you
      > > Date: 5 è¾­í½ƒí²°02 ã® 21:19
      > >
      > > Dear friends;
      > >
      > > The questions we discuss here in this group are too complex to
      > > explain something significant in short messages, which is only
      > genre
      > > appropriate for group discussion.
      > >
      > > It took more than 5 years for me to begin understand some of
      > > questions. I tried to reflect this understanding in my book "The
      > > scientist's Conversations with the Teacher. Science and
      > > Later I spent more than $3000 and about 1 year of lifetime to
      > > professional translators and to translate together with them the
      > book
      > > from Russian into English because I want to share
      these "insights"
      > > with you. Now the book is on the Web -
      > www.geocities.com/zelitchenk -
      > > and you can read it (free - this is not hidden advertisement, at
      > > least, not in usual meaning of word).
      > >
      > > The main problem that moved my work was the relationships between
      > > scientific thought (I has degrees in physics, mathematics and
      > > computer science and many years taught psychology in Moscow
      > > University), on the one hand, and religious/esoteric one, on the
      > > other. I wanted to trust in God, but I can not. How can I trust
      > > in "non-scientific" God? I felt the hidden Truth of "esoteric
      > books",
      > > but I was not able to fit it into the system of scientific views.
      > > Thus, it was necessary to clarify - what are both scientific and
      > > esoteric knowledge? To do so, I had to think about wide variety
      > > subjects.
      > >
      > > The main topics of the book - What is Real World? What is God?
      > > is human being, his place and his destination in the World?
      > > The "minor topics" include the nature of subtle matters -
      > of
      > > subtle"; World Hierarchy and their members, including those we
      > > call "angel" and "demon"; subtle bodies of human being; human
      > ability
      > > to be aware spiritually; development of human being as
      > of
      > > his spiritual awareness; the nature of death and after-death;
      > > and karma, and some others.
      > >
      > > It was written for you. Please read it. And, of course, your
      > feedback
      > > is appreciated.
      > >
      > > Sincerely yours,
      > > Alexander Zelitchenko
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