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    Jun 5, 2002
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      From: "Alexander" <zeli@...>
      Subject: This may be interesting for you
      Date: 5 èþíÿ 2002 ã. 21:19

      Dear friends;

      The questions we discuss here in this group are too complex to
      explain something significant in short messages, which is only genre
      appropriate for group discussion.

      It took more than 5 years for me to begin understand some of these
      questions. I tried to reflect this understanding in my book "The
      scientist's Conversations with the Teacher. Science and Esoterics".
      Later I spent more than $3000 and about 1 year of lifetime to hire
      professional translators and to translate together with them the book
      from Russian into English because I want to share these "insights"
      with you. Now the book is on the Web - www.geocities.com/zelitchenk -
      and you can read it (free - this is not hidden advertisement, at
      least, not in usual meaning of word).

      The main problem that moved my work was the relationships between
      scientific thought (I has degrees in physics, mathematics and
      computer science and many years taught psychology in Moscow
      University), on the one hand, and religious/esoteric one, on the
      other. I wanted to trust in God, but I can not. How can I trust
      in "non-scientific" God? I felt the hidden Truth of "esoteric books",
      but I was not able to fit it into the system of scientific views.
      Thus, it was necessary to clarify - what are both scientific and
      esoteric knowledge? To do so, I had to think about wide variety of

      The main topics of the book - What is Real World? What is God? What
      is human being, his place and his destination in the World?
      The "minor topics" include the nature of subtle matters - "physics of
      subtle"; World Hierarchy and their members, including those we
      call "angel" and "demon"; subtle bodies of human being; human ability
      to be aware spiritually; development of human being as development of
      his spiritual awareness; the nature of death and after-death; fate
      and karma, and some others.

      It was written for you. Please read it. And, of course, your feedback
      is appreciated.

      Sincerely yours,
      Alexander Zelitchenko
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