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5969Gnostic scripture

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  • lady_caritas
    Jun 4, 2002
      You're welcome, Rob.

      Actually, your mention of "primary" sources reminded me that it might
      be a good idea to mention a few sources for Gnostic scripture for any
      newcomers to Gnosticism who might be interested. I already
      referenced the book, _The Gnostic Scriptures_ by Bentley Layton.
      This book contains selected, important Gnostic scriptures in addition
      to informative introductions and annotations. James Robinson's _The
      Nag Hammadi Library_ offers a complete edition of the ancient codices
      discovered in Egypt in 1945.

      Also, an extensive collection of primary documents related to
      Gnosticism, including the Nag Hammadi Library, can be found online ~
      http://gnosis.org/library.html . We are especially grateful to one
      of our members, Terje, for collecting material for this library. :-)

      (The link for the homepage of the Gnostic Archive is ~
      http://gnosis.org/ ~ where one can find much resource material in the
      way of articles, book suggestions, audio lectures, and an index of

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