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5960Re: [Gnosticism] Re: (im-)Perfection

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  • Frater Scorpius
    Jun 2, 2002

      --- Rob Thompson <abelard42@...> wrote:

      > I do
      > remember a story of Moses from Egypt. I can't
      > remember the source but I read it in College. Very
      > different from the Hebrew point of view.

      Possibly you are referring to the Semitic tribes
      related to the Hyksos Dynasties, whom the Egyptians
      made a big point of having defeated and expelled. Some
      scholars believe that this is their version of the
      "Exodus". Josephus even went so far as to say that the
      Patriarch Joseph in his descendents (spoken of in
      Genesis) were the Hyksos "Shepherd Kings" themselves,
      a theory which still has some adherents today.

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