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5952[Gnosticism] Re: Thomasine Metaphor or universal microcosm?

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    May 31 2:03 PM
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      Play says.... "That isn't what I was asking but I certainly
      appreciate the thought."

      Oops, sorry. I think I may have a better grasp of what you mean now
      since your explination, so I'll try again. First though, just a
      reiteration of what I think you already understand, but I just want
      to keep negating the lingo....

      >I completely understand that if we are talking about the prime
      source of all things as being infinite, it would include all genders;
      all shapes; all forms.<

      No, instead of containng all forms, there is no "contains", nor
      any "forms". That is to say, instead of "include all genders" in
      includes none.

      >I have no choice but to communicate what isn't linear in linear
      terms because that is what our language is limited to.<

      Exactly. This is why it is spoken of in the language of negation.
      Anyways, these are only reiterations, as I know they are not really
      your question. Let me then get to what I believe your point is....

      >Does gnostics accept that the "Prime Source" or "God" or whatever
      you want to call "IT" is alive?.... But I do understand that what is
      infinite has already answered the question of who she, he, it is. He,
      She, It called itself "I Am".<

      No, Gnostics do not except that it is "alive", there is no "alive"
      where there is no "dead". You see, in Gnostic mythology it is not
      Bythos that says "I Am", but Yaldebaoth, a lessor thing, a construct
      of deity, who says it. This seems to be the crux of our
      misunderstanding each other, the fact that you may have beleived that
      Bythos was beleived by Gnostics to equate with the Biblical "I Am".
      However, fr from being intended to equate with "I Am", the Gnostic
      ideal of the infinite was meant to destroy that notion of deity.

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