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5904Re: Thomasine Metaphor or universal microcosm?

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  • lady_caritas
    May 20, 2002
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      Play, thank you for your message. I must say you have completely
      misunderstood what I meant by not wanting to "speak" for the
      infinite, and I'll take full responsibility for not being more
      understandable. That does not mean that I have minimal experience in
      reacting as a "spiritual one," although you apparently perceive that
      I have difficulty doing so when you suggest that I "try." I only
      meant that as meaning *specifically* that the "Infinite" is beyond
      human description. The Gnostic Bythos is not the same as an
      anthropomorphized deity viewed by many orthodox Christians. I relate
      to the Ineffable Infinite by means of images emanated from this Prime
      Source. Mythology offers a way to symbolically become acquainted in
      human terms.

      Glimpses of Truth can be "seen" with spiritual eyes through emanated
      aeons, images, and experience. By becoming acquainted with
      ourselves, getting in touch with our inner divine spark, we become
      acquainted with the True God. This of course is aided by our
      earthly experiences, including finding allegory in the world, as I
      mentioned before. I do consider the Kingdom to be the spiritual
      Kingdom, which is in and outside of us.

      I think all your insistence that I must be missing the point and your
      quotes from Essene writings is because I don't agree with your view
      that the world is not flawed. Yes, that is my perception, my
      spiritual perception. When I said, "My experience (and that of
      others) has been that our world is flawed," I didn't mean from just a
      hylic viewpoint. (Gerry's discussion of a flawed world in Message
      #5818 is quite good.)

      Play, I have no problem with your chosen path or paths, although I
      find it difficult to imagine that one person could follow the paths
      of a Christian, "Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Islamic, Jewish, Gnostic,
      and any other religion that attempts to connect to what is true which
      can only come from the Prime Source" – except in an eclectic way. I
      have found my path to be Gnostic (or Christian Gnostic). I don't
      prefer to be called a "Christian," even though I find Christ to be a
      soter, because that usually denotes an "orthodox Christian," which I
      am not.

      Play, I agree that there are many ways of looking at truth, but I
      don't believe there are many truths. My view is that there is an
      objective Truth. I accept love and compassion as extremely
      important, but that *ultimately* Gnosis is salvation.

      You have a sincere heart, Play. Follow the path that is right for

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