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5884Re: Thomasine Metaphor

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  • wilbro99
    May 17, 2002
      Reply to #5880:

      The Sharklady disposes: So, we come back to earth and relate in a
      practical way with the "fullness" of our new sails that keep us afloat
      as we journey through the temporal waters.

      That makes perfect sense. I don't think it matters what we make of
      that Presence so long as it fills our sails. I have had dialogues with
      others on this shift and we run the gamut on where we come out on it.
      The two who came to it as Catholics, became eclectic about it. There
      also seems to be a difference as to whether or not the shift was made
      at once or began with the empty between. I was first evicted from the
      temporal sense of self and it took me almost two years of living in
      emptiness before I found presence. In that sojourn I learned a great
      deal about that temporal sense of self. I didn't reach the experience
      of no-self till about ten years down the line. Those who get tossed at
      once into presence seem to be the ones who think of it in religious
      terms. Since this reply is so short, let me add some filler.

      LC: So, Will, you have confused me. Don't worry. I confuse easily.
      LOL If you view thinking of oneself in terms of time as "error," and
      if after a shift in the sense of one's self, you obviously remain a
      human physically, do you still wear a watch? How does a human ever
      completely escape our space/time continuum? "Time" may very well be an
      illusion, but even in your description of this process, you can't
      escape describing it in terms of "before" and "after." You see, even
      using a term like "eternal" indicates infinite "duration"
      (or "continuance in time").

      Simply to say "thinking of oneself in terms of time" does not convey
      the essence of the temporal identity that thinks in such a way. The
      implication is that all one need do is think differently, when, in
      fact, what is required is a shift in one's sense of self, i.e., the
      identity who does the thinking. Since the one who does the thinking
      reside in this world, I would suspect a watch is still needed,
      although I have never worn one. And, of course, any description of a
      shift must be cast in terms of a before and after, which includes the
      image of the one who makes the move, and must be understood as being
      only that, a description.

      LC: You say, "What is then known is not the kingdom, but the end of
      the temporal sense of self, the Error. That is all that is known; the
      rest is the unknown." So, Willy, if you have experienced the end of
      the temporal sense of yourself, where on earth _are_ you? Okay, okay,
      I'm toying with you. But I do have a point, . . . I think. :-)

      Of course, the unknown I was referring to was the "unknown territory"
      of fullness you referred to later as the place where we part
      descriptive company. Ok, I must get to the other posts.
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