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5878Re: Thomasine Metaphor or universal microcosm?

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  • wilbro99
    May 16, 2002
      --- In gnosticism2@y..., "play_nice_now" <searay@b...> wrote:
      > Interesting conversation Will and my lady Caritas.
      > So then, the kingdom is already "here" and now. Always has been.
      > Always will be. Why do you guys think that no one sees it or
      > experiences it in that way? From the gnostic point of view, is
      > knowing this just a matter of making the decision to know it or
      > remember it again? If so, what stops us from making that decision?
      > What are we afraid of?

      Play, I think you have drawn the wrong conclusion about my view of
      this from what Lady C has said. I see no kingdom that is always
      already here. I think that notion derives from the ending of the
      temporal view of the self, and can only derive from it as a metaphor.
      What is then known is not the kingdom, but the end of the temporal
      sense of self, the Error. That is all that is known; the rest is the
      unknown. The unknown can not be known by the decision to know it, for
      when it is known, that decision maker no longer is. The notion of
      remembering it again implies a past forgetting and a future
      remembering, and when it is known, there is no past nor any future.
      The self that is looking for it is what stops it from being. Anyway,
      all I have been doing here is translating before terms into after
      terms to continue the point I was making in my response to Lady C. My
      question remains: Are we looking at the same thing?
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