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5865Re: Thomasine Metaphor

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  • hermetic_star
    May 11, 2002
      There are 10 sephera x 4 worlds, x 10 (Each sephera has its own
      tree). This adds up to 400 sephera. I believe the kingdom of heaven
      would refer to one of the higher sephera, probably the one that
      forms the 'Crown' or 'Kether' of the tree of this world. This, of
      coarse is looking at it from a 1400's or later perspective. I
      believe Christ was talking about the kingdom of living spirits.
      People were hearing Christ, he was bringing the (spiritualy) dead
      back to life. If you inherit the physical world, and die tommorow,
      what good does it do? Or if you inherit the physical world, it now
      belongs to you, will you take it from the person who the law
      recognises as the rightful owner? Or are you referring to a mastery
      of and domination of the laws of the physical world?
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