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5855Re: Thomasine Metaphor

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  • hermetic_star
    May 3, 2002
      I find a metaphor in the word 'kingdom'. Of coarse the kingdom is
      Malkuth, the lowest sephera on the Tree of Life, which represents
      the physical world. In saying 3 Jesus says "the kingdom is inside
      you and it is outside you. In saying 56 Jesus says those who know
      the world have discovered a carcass, and of that person the world is
      not worthy. The world, of coarse, is Malkuth again. A corpse could
      also be attributed to Malkuth, because it is the outward, physical,
      worldly expression of a person. The world is not worthy of a person
      who has discovered a carcass, because this person is aware that the
      world is dead, and only an imitation of the spititual realm. In
      other words, he has gained spirit. 'Kingdom' also reminds me of a
      verse in Proverbs, "The meek shall inherit the earth". If you read
      this according to the rest of this post, the verse should probably
      read "The meek shall inherit dirt". It would be interesting to see
      all possable meanings of the actual Hebrew term that was used.
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