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5753Re: Modification of the sensate being

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  • pmcvflag
    Apr 11, 2002
      Oh, I've been missing out on all the conversation.

      Wilbro qoth (oh and BTW, welcome to the club Wilbro)...

      "My question now is directed towards those who adhere to, as it were,
      the tenants of Gnosticism; is it the truth or a representative of the
      truth? I just ran across the same question in a Gnosticism club,
      message #5617, where the poster very neatly asked the same question
      in an expanded form. Unfortunately, I saw no responses to it."

      Gnosticism is a language, a means of expression. As such it claims
      that there is one truth, an objective absolute that the language
      tries to point to, but it does not claim to be the only language that
      can point to it. The same notion applies to it's cosmology, it's
      soteriology (salvational beliefs), and all other fractions of the
      complete ideological system.

      While it is my personal belief that Gnosticism is a better language
      than most other *western* forms of esotericism, it may not speak to
      everyone equally well.

      As for salvation, well, I was unsure if you meant to ask if there was
      only one process for salvation, or only one effect. Since Gnostics
      don't believe in a heaven or hell in the traditional form, or any
      kind of anthropomorphic diety, but only an infinite prime source, the
      effect of salvation is dissolution and that would be true of anyone
      who achieves it. However, if there are many languages that use
      different words to describe the same thing, then different processes
      may have the same effect to different cultures. This brings up a very
      related topic.... "tradition".

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