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5723On Sufism and Gnosticism

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  • pmcvflag
    Mar 31, 2002
      Hey Market and Ernst had made some comments recently (triggered by a
      spam) concerning Sufism and Gnosticism. I thought the subject brought
      up some interesting points, but didn't get a chance to delve.

      Dr Sayyed Hossein Nasr wrote an interesting comparative analysis of
      Sufism and Gnosticism. Specifically he demonstrates Platonic ideals
      in medieval Andelusian Sufism. It is interesting that the Kabbalah
      comes into existance in the era, and that it is through these sources
      that some works by Plato, as well as Hermetica, are reintroduced to
      the west. It is not to say that Sufism is identical to Gnosticism,
      but that the process by which it came about is identical, and that
      it's belief system is more than roughly equivalent. Departing from Dr
      Scholem a little here though (as compared to the equation of the
      Kabbalah with Gnosticism), Dr Nasr seems to think of these religions
      as directly related sisters rather than forms of the same thing. It
      is also my impression that he holds this more valid of the earlier
      Andalusian schools than of later orders.

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