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5505Re: The Gnostic/Christian Question of Ro

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  • djzito
    Jan 2, 2002
      Theologians have nearly concluded by definition
      that Gnosticism derived from "gnosos"...the Greek word
      for knowledgen the act of. In an act of will, by
      initiation and witness: to claim a gnostic understanding
      free's one of adherence to any specific denomination.
      Lest one who have and obtained such a relationship
      with the omnipotence be deemed heretic and face the
      ramifications of established theopoliticians. The doctrines are
      all valid for, as well as flawed, all. The lessons of
      spiritual development are constantly learned, and the
      teachers of these lessons are comprised of everything:
      from the grain of sand and the star in space.
      Historically we know not what "religion" Mr.Christ was
      claiming...but we do know that his teachings upset a particular
      market wich eventually lead to the administrative
      lynching he received. The possibilty of a Gnostic church
      existing is of caution...for multi-theosophy in opinion
      would still rely on the particulars of
      restrictions...and hierarchy. However as individuals I strongly
      stress integrity as paramount, with an objectivity to
      receive the constant near intangable information from
      around and within our very beings.