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  • crosswort
    Dec 30, 2001
      I'm new here as well but as far as I can see this
      is it in a nutshell. There seems to be some quite
      conclusive evidence that Jesus traveled to Ibdia with spice
      traders, studying with various paths along the way
      including Tibetan Buddhists and different sects of Hindis
      throughout India. True to his form and everlasting quest for
      truth he gained disfavor with the Brahman caste for
      attempting to share these upper caste teachings with the
      lower castes including the Untouchables. <br> The loss
      and subterfuge created around the formation of
      "Christianity" ie: Nicene Creedianism of today has shown us the
      most powerful presence of the negative within the 12
      lower Aeons. On the other hand to see it's re-emergence
      almost two thousand years later in a time when to re
      bury the knowledge is nearly impossible shows the
      eventual triumph and superior power of the forces of
      "good". In essence the apparent negativity of the lower
      worlds is only short term. In the long term all has good
      result. The secret knowledge and teachings are not for
      everyone and would not serve the masses very well. It is
      unfortunate however that they must be so militant at times on
      their of it all.<br><br>PS I'v just finished the Pistis
      Sophia and and a bit confused by the terinology. Once I
      sift through these excellent 5000+ posts I'm sure many
      of my questions will be answered.<br><br>Don