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5429Re: Peter, Paul and Mary! pt1

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  • ErnstStrohregenmantelrad
    Dec 8, 2001
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      again, you are quoting me out of the context and
      totally missed my point.<br><br>the *argument* to which I
      speak about is not whether you argued for Marcionites
      to be included as the part of Gnosticism but just
      that that arguement has been discussed by many
      scholars including scholars of 'orthodox' standing as I
      showed in an example. As I told you before if you read
      my line of argument more carefully I was using the
      argument of "demarkation of Marcionites" as often
      discussed arguments which requires no explanation as to its
      discussion and assertions both pro and contra (because it is
      discussed in every books dealing with Gnosticism and/or the
      history of Christianity in general vs. your other
      statement "Manichaeism as simply a continuation of
      Marcionites" which I for one thing NEVER seen it discussed
      anywhere. All I was asking was where is this accertion
      being discussed? If it was only YOUR accertion please
      state it as such. If it was mentioned somewhere please
      state it as such.<br><br>As for me I NEVER thought
      Marcion(ites) was Gnostics. (In fact I never considered
      Manichaeism as Gnostics either) NOT EVER from the very
      beginning. If you thought they were at first then I think
      (and your diction implies this and I'm sure it might
      be mistake) that was bit silly.<br><br>Again don't
      skin through the post because you will missunderstand
      it. I never claimed YOU are advocationg Manichaens as
      Gnostics. Please, read it again. All I stated was don't
      quick to assume Manichaeans, Marcionits and Paulicians
      as monolithic entity and static in time.