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5401Re: Matthew 25:1-13

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  • hey_market
    Nov 20, 2001
      "... this opens the field for all kinds of
      speculation, for instance, do we have just one lifetime to
      �get it right�? "<br><br>It certainly suggests
      progression, though looking at the world, it's hard to imagine
      we can change things here--only our
      destiny.<br><br>"And what happens if we do [have only one lifetime]?
      etc, etc., etc."<br><br>Maybe somebody does it for us,
      or else we do it in other uknown realms, or else
      someone else inherits the spark from us--divine
      reassignment if you will (which may be a loss or a gain for
      one or for both), or else we... well, there's no end
      to the speculation. <br><br>And if progress exists,
      that's a good thing--or at least the right specualtion
      just might be! (Just my musings.)